Bubbles Dry Cleaners
1600 Vine St. Ste 1
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Phone:  (323) 461-6050
Fax:      (323) 461-6550

Business Hours:
Saturday : 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday : closed

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Welcome to Bubbles Dry Cleaners

To a certain level, we can be emotionally attached to our clothes. That beaded lace dress you wore to your friend’s wedding; a navy blue suit you wore on your first day at work; that jacket you’ve had since college; your “third date” sweater – these items are seemingly part of our lives. You have to preserve them and give them the pampering that beloved clothes deserve. Bubbles Dry Cleaners is the place to entrust your precious clothes to – and it will be returned to you looking brand new every single time.

We have state of the art machines that perform efficiently, producing batch after batch of sparkling clean clothes. Our customer care staff will safely handle your garments and give you a pleasant service experience that you will want to come back to. This is how we have managed to make walk-in customers our regular customers. We don’t only care for clothes, we also care for you!

For tears and rips, come to our shop. We have professional tailors who can mend your clothes making them better than before. For further inquires, you can call us at 323-461-6050.

Pick-up & Delivery

Do you live nearby? We offer pickup and delivery services within the 5-mile radius of our shop. We want to give you the convenience you're looking for. A pleasant dry cleaning experience awaits you at Bubbles Dry Cleaners. Drop-off pick-up parking available in front of Bubbles. You can get a pick-up or delivery schedule by submitting a request online.